COMP Cams 12-000-9 Custom Ground Camshaft Cores

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We can order a Custom made Roller Camshaft with the specs you give us and you will have the cam needed for your application. You can call us @ 601-847-4744 or email us @

Camshaft, Custom Grind, Race Roller Tappet, Chevy, Small Block, Each. We have dyno proven designs,  whether you have cam lift rules or vacuum rules, need more power or just need smoother power…Tony will get you the cam you need…Call now…601-847-4744.  

Design your perfect cam with these custom cores from COMP Cams. There are a large number of these custom ground cam cores available for most engine applications, depending upon the type of cam being ground. This gives you the freedom to choose the core, lobe design, and lobe separation angle that best suit your needs. The possibilities are endless with COMP Cams

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