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Tony Barker Racing Engines is your one-stop shop for all of your racing engine needs.

We have a state of the art engineering, research lab and machine shop that has powered countless award-winning show cars and dozens of racing championships.

Our services include:

  • Precision Machining
  • Engine Building
  • High Performance Engine Components

Our track record speaks for itself with over a thousand wins to go along with countless track and series championships.

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that our customers are always receiving both the most powerful and dependable engines possible.

Engine Types & Services Offered

  • Standard Engine Packages
  • All Aluminum Late Model Engines (Complete Only)
  • Late Model Spec IMCA, WISSOTA, SUPR, and SAS (Complete Only)
  • Limited Late Model: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Late Model Stock: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Open Wheel Modifieds: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Street Stock: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Drag Racing: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Street Rod and Custom: Parts, Short Blocks, Complete Engine Packages
  • Stuska Dyno Services w/ DPAC Computer System
  • Serdi Live Pilot Flow Tested Competition Multi Angle Valve Job
  • Cylinder Heads Flowed with Superflow 1020 Flow Bench
  • Competition Valve Train setup for Pressure and Coil Bind
  • Cylinder Head Milling Flat / Angle Operations including CC of chamber volume
  • Replacing of Cylinder Head guides and honing for proper clearance
  • Block Lifter Bores: Boring and installation of Bronze Bushing guides
  • Line Boring of Main Bores and Line Honing
  • Line Boring of Cam Tunnel and Line Honing
  • Engine Block Boring and Decking operations in same setup Perpendicular to Crank centerline
  • Engine Deck Heights set for Rotating assembly per customer spec
  • Plate Honing of Block Cylinders using Torque Plates attached with proper fasteners and head gasket as assembled engine
  • Competition Piston Machine work include: Pin Fitting, Gas Porting, Addition of Compression Balance groove and Accumulator Groove
  • Piston Fly Cutting for valve Relief
  • Rod Sizing for oversize pins and installation of Bushings
  • Competition Crank Balancing service including Inertia balancing operation
  • And much, much more!

* Crate Engines: We do not sell or service these engines but we do have the parts and accessories to finish the engines. We offer a dyno-tuned package for these engines.


  • All engines are built with the latest technology. Our ongoing research and development assures this.
  • In the next year the dirt late model and drag racing worlds will see great advancements in engine technology. Make sure you don’t get stuck with old technology.

TBRE has developed camshaft combinations that accelerate faster, deliver more horsepower and torque, while being smoother and easier to drive. Durability and life cycles of valve train parts are better than ever.

We’ve applied this technology to our complete engine family.

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Full line of oil lubricants in stock.

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