Accufab Part#4B-6500 POL- 4 Barrel 6500 Throttle Body

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If you would like to switch from a carburetor intake to electronic fuel injection (EFI), Accufab has developed the Four Barrel 6500 high flow throttle body to meet your needs. The Four Barrel 6500 will bolt directly to most 4500 series cast intake manifolds.  The base to top height dimension is 3″ tall. This throttle body has no idle air control provision. Also, it’s designed to use a Ford style 5.0L 1986-1993 Mustang pigtail style throttle position sensor, sold separately. Also a bolt-on throttle body for any 4500 intake manifold, however, the intake plenum directly under the throttle body may need to be champfered a little (with a hand grinder) to accommodate the air flow of the 2 1/2″ throttle bores. IMPORTANT:  Accufab has recently merged part number 4B-6500 & 4B-6500S into one part only… 4B-6500 is now the only version available measuring 3″ tall. If you need more clearance, we have a spacer coming soon. Please call for availability. Please note, some machining or grinding required to widen the upper area inside of a cast intake manifold plenum to clear the 2.56″ diameter throttle body blades. Better Air Flow for More Power. The Accufab 6500 series 4-barrel throttle body uses 2.56-inch bores and flows 2,656 CFM at 28-inches.

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