Brodix Cylinder Heads Q&A with Tony Barker (via SpeedTalk forums)

brodix bb2 xtra package cylinder heads
Brodix bb2 xtra package cylinder heads

hey I need some information about a couple Brodix cylinder heads. I have searched around but can find no information on them.
number of heads is K799. then a bit away from that number a 8 on the left heads. on the right is the K808.
it’s aluminum heads. someone who knows what it could be for the heads?


That cylinder head is a -8 std. Made November 1981. It would have had a 194cc runner out of the box, and could be ordered with a 2.02, 2.05 or a 2.08 intake value – with and a 1.6″ exhaust valve. They flowed around 250 CFM untouched, but almost 300 CFM with a good port job. TB

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