COMP Cams Magnum Rocker Arm Studs 4502-16



Rocker Arm Studs, 3/8-24 in. Thread, 1.75 in. Effective Stud Length, Kit. 16 pcs. BUY now for $52.50 which includes shipping within U.S. mainland.
Magnum Rocker Stud
Stud Diameter: 3/8″
Effective Stud Length: 1.750″
Base Thread Diameter: 7/16″
Base Thread Length: .680″

Replace your stock rocker arm studs with these COMP Cams rocker arm studs. The Magnum series studs work well in applications with moderate lifts and spring pressures. These studs have thin jam nuts for rocker clearance, rolled threads for maximum contact, and ground-flat tops to achieve and maintain accurate valve adjustments. The jam nuts are large in diameter to spread the load over larger areas. COMP Cams studs have generous radius and feature a black oxide finish.


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