Mahle Part #SBC250060D11 4.060″ Bore Dome Piston PowerPak



The Mahle PowerPak is a complete race-proven piston assembly kit composed of hand deburred, forged, performance coated pistons, high-quality steel pins, round wire locks and low drag performance rings.
It may seem crazy, but you really can get 8, 14, or even 22 more HP with Mahle pistons and rings. The secret is in Mahle’s ultra flat ring grooves and low drag rings. Improved sealing minimizes parasitic drag to create ”free” horsepower.

Performance coatings include a phosphate dry lubricant (not to be confused with a thermal film coating) that is used to protect against ring micro-welding and pin galling during initial startup and break-in. For additional performance, Mahle applies its proprietary Grafal anti-friction coating to each piston skirt. We have For Sale: SBC-4.060″ Bore-6.125″ Rod,-3.480″-3.503.750 stroke, 1.125 Compression Height + 11cc dome, 14:3:1 Compression Ratio for the GREAT price of $677.14 with shipping!



  • Forged Aluminum Pistons
  • CNC-machined crown
  • Hand deburred finishing
  • Forced pin oiling with machined drain backs
  • Lightweight slipper skirt forgings
  • CNC-finished pin bores
  • Forced Pin Oiling
  • Reliable round wire locks standard with every kit
  • Pre-fitted German steel pins noted for their high strength, light weight, and durability
  • Phosphate coating is a dry lubricant that provides Mahle pistons’ grey appearance
  • Piston crown remains machinable
  • Mahle’s Grafal skirt coating reduces piston noise, drag, scuffing, friction, and cylinder bore wear
  • Precision ring grooves for included piston rings



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