Mahle Part #930218130 – LS Piston PowerPak



The Mahle PowerPak was designed as a completely finished drop in piston assembly. Other then filling the included performance ring set, everything is done for you. Designed from 80+ years of piston manufacturing for everything from OEM to Formula1, only the best technology is used to make these pistons. They are forged from 4032 low expansion aluminum alloy for high strength and reduced piston to wall clearance. Forced Pin Oiling is used for increased wrist pin lubrication. Pin bores are CNC precision machined. .927″ or .945″ High Quality Steel Wrist Pin (118g or 125g), Performance 1, 1, 2.0mm rings, and Race Proven Round Wire Locks are included.

Compression Ratio with 64cc Heads 11.7

We have For Sale Mahle LS Flat top PistonPak  4.030 bore, 4.000 crankshaft stroke, 6.125 rod with 0.927 wrist pins included, 1.105 compression height.  BUY today for the Great price of $764.17 which includes SHIPPING…


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