COMP Cams 800-16 Solid/Mechanical Lifters ***AVAILABLE NOW***



Solid/Mechanical Lifters
Cadillac 472-500
Chevy 348-409
Small Block Chevy 265-400
Big Block Chevy 396-454
Oldsmobile 265-455
Pontiac 260-455
Diameter: .842″
Seat Height: 1.88″
Oiling Hole: .012″
16/pkg ** BUY now for $248.95 which includes shipping within U.S. mainland.**
Comp Cams Performance Series Solid/Mechanical Lifters with EDM (Oiling Hole) Injection Technology have all the same features as the Performance Mechanical Lifters, with the addition of the oiling hole on the lifter face. These Performance Series Lifters have a lightweight design and a one-piece pushrod seat allows you to extended the RPM range. These lifters are built for extreme tolerances and are the most durable solid lifters available.


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